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Understand SEO – An Overview For Small Business Owners

If you are a business owner with a website, you’ve probably heard the term ‘SEO’, but maybe unsure of what it means and whether it’s important. SEO – search engine optimisation – is the process of strategically tweaking all elements of your website to earn the best rank in search engines like Google. Knowing some… Read more

Understanding Cloud Computing

Businesses are increasingly embracing cloud computing. In the past, running traditional business applications was not only expensive but also complicated. You needed professionals to install, configure, test, run, and update the applications. However, with cloud computing, these tasks are a thing of the past. What Is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a form of storing… Read more

Xero Conversion Checklist

Based on our years of experience in converting MYOB desktop to Xero, here is the checklist we use to make sure our clients are Xero ready. Xero Conversion Checklist    

Webinar: Xero vs MYOB

  Fast growing industry disrupter, Xero, and the old standard bearer for computer-based accounting software, MYOB, have both been generating more headlines for accounting than normal lately. Listen to Scott Trevethan from Scott Partners in this Webinar talk about both products and if you should move from MYOB to Xero.  

Tax Do’s and Dont’s For Small Businesses

While taxes may not be as exciting to think about, they are something every small business must endure. When it comes to filing your taxes as a business owner, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. Knowing which expenses are deductible and those that are non-deductible is essential. In some cases,… Read more

How to help your staff in becoming effective

Hi, it’s Scott from Scott Partners and today we have Emma Lyons from Business Blueprint. In this interview, we discover how giving priorities, knowing how each other works and understanding each other’s need would help your staff to effectively perform their tasks. In relation to this, we are inviting you to join the New Rules… Read more

Why a managed offshore staff is a better deal

Hello, it’s Scott Trevethan here from Scott Partners. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jeremy Morgan from Delonix Marketing Inc. In this interview, we discover why office-based management is more effective in managing your offshore staff rather than the work-from-home model or the likes of oDesk and Upwork and how this can increase reliability and adds productivity advantage…. Read more

Five Top Tips For Getting Paid Faster

As a business owner, having the finances to run your business is essential. However, when you have a lag in cash flow, this can have major consequences in both the long and short term. Additionally, this can affect your ability to pay rent, utilities, services, wages and even suppliers. A study commissioned by Intuit Australia… Read more

How to have a work-life balance despite running your business

Hello, it’s Scott Trevethan here from Scott Partners. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Marisa Punshon from Miss Moneypenny Presents. In this interview, we discover the importance of having business structures or processes in order to make the business sustainable and how this can also empower working mums to not only grow their business… Read more

How a personality assessment can be a good marketing strategy

Hello it’s Scott Trevethan here from Scott Partners. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Alan Stevens, a known Celebrity Profiler, as part of our Small Business Heroes show. In this interview, we discover how skills in personality and character assessments can be a wonderful asset and how this can bring success to any business as… Read more

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