Changes to Trusts Purchasing Properties

Categories: Property Articles, Tax
5 March 2020

Check with Scott Partners if you are planning to purchase residential property in a family trust! A new surcharge has been implemented by the SRO.

From 1 March 2020, the Victorian State Revenue Office changed its approach to the foreign duty surcharge on residential property acquired by discretionary trusts. Previously, the SRO applied a practical approach whereby a discretionary trust that acquired property and had not previously distributed to a foreign resident or was deemed not likely to distribute to a foreign resident, would not be liable for this surcharge.

Discretionary trusts are liable for the additional 8% duty charge if more than 50% of the trust’s capital could be distributed to a foreign person, company or trust.

A typical feature of discretionary trusts is the wide group of potential beneficiaries, which may (intentionally or otherwise) include foreign persons, companies or trustees of foreign trusts, depending on your extended family circumstances.

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