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At Scott Partners, we are able to offer industry-specific, comprehensive investment accounting advice that will support your financial goals. Regardless of whether you are interested in building an investment property portfolio or diving into the share market, we will be able to offer advice about how to structure an investment based around tax effectiveness and asset protection that will help get you on your way. As we are continually advising clients, we are familiar with common issues that arise and are able to offer advice backed by experience.

Investment opportunities may include:

  • Shares

  • Investing in or purchasing a business

  • Purchasing residential, commercial or industrial property

  • Complex/hybrid investments


As an additional investment advisory service, we are also able to point our clients in the right direction when it comes to financial planners, lawyers and mortgage brokers.


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case study
Case Study

THE CLIENT’S PROBLEM: Catherine and Will Heaton* wanted to start an investment portfolio. However, the size of their home loan and other bills meant that they didn’t have enough money left each month. They didn’t know how could they start investing for the future when they didn’t have cash available.

THE SCOTT PARTNERS SOLUTION:Completion of a free lending review with Scott Partners gave this client the opportunity to review their interest rates, revealing that they would benefit significantly from refinancing their mortgage. Scott Partners referred the Heatons to a lending agent suitable to their needs allowing them to secure a better interest rate and has allowed them to develop a new investment portfolio.

“This process was surprisingly straight forward and definitely worthwhile. Going through this review made us really focus on our financial goals, and Scott Partners and Troy have supported us every step of the way.”