Success Story: Tax Planning

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13 June 2018
Through talking to us, this client has had the potential to save up to $280,000 in their tax planning.

Client had existing property and plans to demolish and sub-divide.

Why they sought out Scott Partners:

This client wanted to know the tax consequences of their property project.

Providing Advice:

Scott Partners provided advice on the following issues/taxes:

  • – CGT
  • – GST
  • – Business vs Capital Transactions
  • – Income Tax
  • – Structuring for their personal and business
The Process:

The client engaged Scott Partners three months before their scheduled demolition date. Over that period, initial calls and emails outlined the opportunities available and led to a meeting where we shared our professional advice with the client.

The Scott Partners team used legislation and thorough research, combined with our experience and working knowledge of family sub-divisions, to produce reliable advice for our client. We provided a detailed report with all calculations, scenario analysis and information about structures suitable for their situation.


The presentation of advice with Scott Partners was very successful. We educated the client about asset protection, structuring, applicable tax strategies and the relevant taxes. They have followed the advice to the letter and are in the process of implementing the recommended structures.

From the Client:

“We were thrilled with the service at Scott Partners. We now understand the most tax effective and efficient strategies to use, as well as asset protection for our situation. By gaining advice prior to purchasing, we have the potential to save up to $280,000 in our tax planning.”


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