Why It’s Important for Managers and Business Owners To Invest in Themselves

2 July 2015

managers and business owners to Invest in themselves - Scott Partners

If you are a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) owner or manager, you are probably used to making all sorts of investment decisions. These might be in your premises, stock, phone system, or even training for your employees.

But SME owners and operators sometimes forget that the most important investment they can make in their business is in their own health and wellbeing.

So what are some simple, cost effective, and time-efficient ways to ensure your mind and body are in as good condition as your business?

Fitness and Work

It’s hard enough balancing a full time job with a regular exercise routine. However, when you become the owner of SME, ‘hard’ becomes ‘nearly impossible’.

But this shouldn’t discourage you from a focus on fitness. Some of the busiest, most time-poor executives and leaders in the world, from Bill Gates to Barack Obama, squeeze in time for some physical activity.

Starting your day earlier or having a non-negotiable one-hour lunch break where you can fit in a 30 minute workout or run is an option. Or start smaller by setting a personal best of stairs climbed to your floor and trying to beat it every week.

Back to School

The lunchbox was probably a staple in your life for over a decade of schooling. But with a full time job, regular wages to replace pocket money, and less time, comes the inevitable slide towards buying lunch most days of the week.

Not only does this impact your bank balance, but with the temptations of the food court or corner fast-food place, you’re unlikely to be consuming a healthy meal every day. Bringing your lunch from home most of the time means that you think about your meals beforehand, and don’t succumb to impulse buying snacks, low-nutritional foods and sugar-laden drinks.

And working from the road (and having no fridge) is no excuse either, just look at the thousands of kids who have insulated lunch bags with built in ice packs!

Get Mindful

This is a little new age, but is being widely adopted by business leaders everywhere. Mindfulness is simply the state of mind that comes from consciously and intentionally paying attention to each detail of the present moment.

There are many ways to practice this technique of stress-reduction and wellbeing, but the most simple is also the best way to start.

The next time you are in traffic, resist the urge to fiddle with your radio or check your phone. Instead, turn down the volume and just focus on your surroundings, without other distractions or actions.

You’ll be shocked at how difficult simply “being in the moment” without any external stimulus can be. But each time you try, it will become easier, as you train yourself to switch off and be more aware at the same time.

These are only some basic thought bubbles about how SME owners can invest in themselves to ensure that their work and home lives are happier and more fulfilling, both physically and mentally.

We’d like to show you some of the many ways that we can help you to work smarter, not harder, with accounting and business planning solutions for the twenty-first century. The Scott Partners team welcomes your call on 1300 365 455 or email to discuss your particular business goals and challenges.