Covid 19 August Lockdown Grants

Categories: Small Business, Tax
3 September 2021

Covid-19 Grants

As many may be aware, there are various grants offered by the Victorian State Government in relation to the ongoing lockdowns.  These grants are issued to businesses (including Sole Traders) affected by Covid-19 and are constantly evolving and changing.


New South Wales:

The Federal Government provides payments to individuals who have lost at least 8 hours of work per week.  Further details can be found on the following link.

Rent Relief

The Victorian ‘Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme Regulations 2021’ were recently released, providing rent relief grants to tenants whose businesses are affected by Covid-19 and the latest lockdown.  Businesses may be eligible if they demonstrate a minumum 30% fall in income over a nominated three month period, as compared to the same three month period in 2019.

If eligible, the tenant needs to engage their landlord and provide a Stat Dec, as well as a letter from their accountant to confirm the fall in income.

Further details can be found on the following link.