Proven Ways to Get Customers Attention in 2016

Categories: Small Business
2 February 2016

The beginning of a calendar year is full of opportunity for small business and medium sized enterprises across Australia to grab the attention of new customers. The “fresh start effect” of a new year means that many projects that have been deferred or delayed until after Christmas, or goals that have been shelved, once again come to the forefront.

So what are some proven strategies for getting more people to notice you and your business?

Why Referrals Work Best

Referral or word-of-mouth marketing as it is sometimes called has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing for small businesses and medium sized enterprises.

The reason for this is that if you are lucky enough to get a positive recommendation from a past customer, you automatically rise in credibility for the connections of that person. Think about it: if there are two new restaurants in your area, are you more likely to go to the one your neighbour spent 10 minutes praising one afternoon, or the one you know nothing about?

A good way to build the likelihood of getting referrals is to ask customers after their interaction with you how likely they would be to recommend your business to friends or family on a scale of one to ten. The best way to ask this is in an email or via text, so that your customer can give an honest answer.

You can also incentivise referrals by attaching a monetary value to each referral, such as $50 cash or a gift voucher to another local business.

The Power of Free

It’s accepted wisdom that everyone likes getting something for nothing, but did you know there’s a science behind the art of giving things away as well? Research has shown that giving someone something for free, even if it is low in value, tips off a psychological reaction in most people.

Put simply, those who receive something for free are more likely to feel the urge to give the gift giver something back in return. For businesses, that “giving back” often comes in the form of a purchase, a referral or a request for a quote. The important thing here is to give something that actually has value.

Get on Air

In Australia, one of the most effective forms of marketing investment is purchasing radio time. With time available in slots as short as 15 seconds, this can be a surprisingly affordable way to get your business name out there to a huge audience. With high competition between metro radio stations, and a host of smaller community stations, radio is a great option for most businesses who are looking to reach a wide audience.

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