It is easy being green – Scott Partners commit to sustainable practices.

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6 February 2019

Did you know Scott Partners is working toward becoming a paperless office?

When we moved offices, we moved several Trust folders, but other than that, NO client files or information is stored on paper.

We scan all documents into PDFs, and we store them using Google as our Document Management system. Our procedures are all on the Intranet. We use DocuSign for most Tax returns and documents that need to be signed.

In our office, we recycle where possible, and installed environmentally friendly LED lighting to reduce power usage and lighten our carbon footprint. We use mugs in the office – no takeaway cups to be seen!

We know that accounting is perceived as a lot of tedious paper shuffling, stacks on stacks of filing and lots of trees chopped down. Not in our office!

If you have thought about reducing your carbon footprint and incorporating environmentally friendly practices on your office, we’d love to share our tips next time you stop by!

Scott Partners top 5 reasons for changing to a paperless office:
1. Experience boosted productivity

Going paperless helps you manage the amount of work you have to do. Often, undue delays in productivity are a direct result of misplaced, lost or accidentally destroyed paperwork.

2. See increased efficiency

A paperless office has also shown to improve efficiency. Because paperwork requires time and attention, going paperless can help free up your valuable resources. By implementing a paperless system, you’ll dramatically reduce the effort needed to organise, manage, and access information. It allows you to respond to operational needs and easily access information needed for fast decision making.

3. Become an agile organisation

As you are probably aware, productivity bottlenecks involve duplicate data. Using more than one system creates unnecessary data storage. This increases the time and cost of daily operation. A paperless system will speed up data processing. You will gather information faster, and store it in the right place, the first time.

4. Going paperless reduces cost and increases ROI

Going paperless will save you money over time. Training team members on software tools is a small investment to make and will provide significant returns in a short amount of time.
One of the most significant costs of paperwork involves printing and storage of copies. This regular spending on paper, ink, and the upkeep of office equipment can blow out your budget. A paperless office immediately eliminates these costs.

5. The cloud is safe, secure, and available!

Maximise your space and save money by using cloud storage technology. Almost every successful business we know is using cloud technology because it works.

Paperless practices can increase your company’s efficiency and streamline your internal processes. With a bit of thought, a paperless office is an attainable reality, not just a novel idea.

Scott Partners love it – and you will love it too.

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