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Property Investment

Property investment plays an important role in wealth creation. Typically our recommendations are: 1 Residential apartments or townhouses, commercial and retail properties in a strong, existing market 2 Have the potential for resale into the owner occupier market to maximise capital gain potential 3 Are outside of the CBD high density markets but within the… Read more

BRiN – Your 24/7 Business Advisor

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, senior leader, executive or startup? Then this may very well be the best and most useful business App you’ll ever own. As you should know, if you want to succeed in business, you’re going to need access to a highly experienced business advisor. However, 99% of the world’s entrepreneurs… Read more

Thank you

Thank you to all those supporters by buying hand-creams or donating to the Hands Across the Water Charity. Scott has now completed the 500km Bike Ride and as you can see thanks to the generosity Business Blueprint the group we ride with have donated over 1 million dollars.

Leading the Millennials

Millennials (also known as generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. What do millennials expect from their managers/leaders?   Research on the internet reveals the following:   Managers/leaders have to embrace all the feels. Millennials want their personal and emotional feelings to be considered along with their work performance. Managers/leaders should listen carefully… Read more


Do you require the best possible profitability on your investment loan? Scott Partners can help you. Scott Partners are offering a no obligation review on your owner-occupied loan or investment loan. We are affiliated with a number of major banks, regional and second tier lenders as well as a range of mortgage products provided by… Read more

Research and Development Registration

If your company undertook research and development expenditure in 2015/16 and the company has not yet lodged its income tax return for the year ended 30th June 2016, the company needs to register for the research and development rebate with AusIndustry by 30th April 2017. If you would like our assistance in the preparation of… Read more

How to position your business and be in demand

Hi it’s Scott from Scott Partners and today we have Tom Poland, Marketing Author of Leadsology. In this interview, we discover the importance of identifying people’s “magic” that is, the transformational aspect in the life or the business of a prospect, positioning and messaging it in such a way that generate leads without hassling people and… Read more

Why protecting the value of your business is essential

Hi its Scott from Scott Partners and today we have Daryl La’Brooy, a Business Protection Specialist. In this interview, Daryl discusses that  when people get into small business, there’s two major financial issues that they’re looking to solve in small business. One is to get a decent income, to meet their lifestyle, and reach their… Read more

Why being business brave can help you succeed

Hi its Scott from Scott Partners and today we have Maureen Pound. Maureen discusses how he helps business people to recognise what things they do well and they want to continue doing versus the things they are just doing out of habit for all these years that maybe you might need to change. Important Links:… Read more

Why a revived perspective can do good both in your business and personal life

Hi it’s Scott from Scott Partners and today we have Lorraine Pirihi from Relaunch Your Life. Lorraine discusses how he helps Baby Boomers to wind down a bit and to have more fun back into life. She helps them to clearly know what the Baby Boomers and other small business owners want to achieve and by… Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which accounting system should I use to make my business ‘flow’better?
Xero. Or any cloud-based accounting system that your accountant can access, work on in real time, and that saves time and money. This will enable your accountant to advise you better. We recommend Xero for clients and have been using it for many years. The only exception is for larger, more complex businesses that have spent considerable time and money on developing their systems. We can assist in the selection and implementation of a suitable accounting system.
Q2. How much should I pay for accounting /consulting services per year?
Q3. What should I be getting for my money?
Q4. How can I create a simple business plan which is easy to implement?
Q5. Which advisors should I have on my team to best grow my business?

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