Karyn switched accountants to Scott Partners and hasn’t looked back.

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6 December 2018

As a new year rolls around and you are likely to be setting new goals for 2019, it also may be time to make some long-lasting and impactful changes for your business.

Choosing the right service providers is crucial to business success and engaging the right accountant is one of the most important decisions you will make.

As Melbourne’s leading financial services firm specialising in tax, general accounting and business advice we have many clients that share stories of friends or family members that aren’t happy with the service they are recieving from their accountant. Though they happily recommend Scott Partners, it can be scary making a change or they aren’t sure what the process actually involves.

The truth is, switching is easy and the team at Scott Partners are available now to meet with new clients and discuss how they can benefit from years of financial services experience.

Our client and giftware importing business owner Karyn, is just one entrepreneur who has recently made the switch and was happy to share her experience.

How Karyn Made the Switch

Karyn wanted to feel that her accountant cared about her business, and supported her in achieving her goals.

‘To me, it seemed like they thought I was just another client with just another business. I’m not a large business by any means, but we all want to feel valued and important and that our business matters.  Finally after being emailed another ATO payment along with the usual invoice for accounting fees, I made the choice to change!’ Karyn says.

Word of mouth, and a recommendation from a trusted friend led Karyn to Scott Partners where company partner Don Shaw met her at their Glenferrie Road offices to discuss her accountancy needs.

‘Don took time to understand my business, highlighting and explaining the inherent tax issues within my structure. Up to that point I did not fully understand why I needed a trust and two companies, but that was made clear to me straight away.  In our first meeting we talked about my business performance and also my future plans for the business. Don also introduced me to Xero and helped me understand how I can spend less time on bookkeeping and admin each week. For a business of my size, efficiencies are essential to help me grow,’ she adds.

For Karyn, the fear for a protracted and tedious switching process, deterred her from changing accountants for a long time, so she was relieved when Scott Partners handled everything.

All Karyn had to do was to sign two documents which she received electronically. After two minutes and the touch of a button, it was official, and Karyn was confident that she had made the right decision. She found herself, no longer receiving regular ‘tax surprises’ to being on top of her financial affairs and even ahead of schedule for her 2018 tax returns.

A major benefit for Karyn as a small business operator was having confidence that Scott Partners could be relied upon to handle everything, and even pick up on any error she may have made in paperwork.

She was never made to feel, ill-prepared or disorganised and the team at Scott Partners were delighted to be able to assist in helping her to take control of her business’s financial affairs.

‘Two months into our accounting relationship and everything is running great.  After understanding my business during our first meeting, Don sent me a fee proposal for the rest of the financial year. This included everything so I knew exactly what I was in for, which was great for budgeting.  There are lots of smart accountants out there, but it is great to work with a qualified accountant who also cares!’ Karyn says.

If you, or someone you know is not getting the best results from their accountant then why not make the switch to Scott Partners?


As Melbourne’s leading accountancy firm, Scott Partners are firmly placed to offer expert and trusted advice on all areas of company and personal finance including how to improve profits, cash flow, relationships with staff, customers or your bank.


Contact Scott Partners for a consultation today at 1300 365 455.

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