Sex Work Accountant in Melbourne

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22 April 2018

We at Scott Partners have been taking care of small businesses for over 40 years and are constantly innovating ways to give our clients the most efficient accounting services available today. Our years of experience in the accounting industry allow us to handle clients from various niches, and since we are certified value improvement business advisors who have worked with over 1,000 businesses, trust that we will add value to your business, regardless of its nature.

We understand there are so many moving parts of a business, regardless of its niche and the number of people operating it, and so it’s inevitable that a business owner can sometimes lose focus. This is where we come in. Count on our accounting services so that you can focus on the things that need to be done and get the maximum benefit from your earnings. We will do all those perennial government-required paperwork that hounds all legal business owners, we will prepare and examine your financial records, and we will help you conceive new goals that allow your business to keep up with the changing times so that you can focus on daily and nightly operations in your area.

Why choose Scott Partners as your Sex Work Accountant? Scott Partners provides only the best accounting tools to measure your business metrics. With these tools and our commitment to quality service, we will guard your cash flow and ensure gain. We see to it that no efforts or financial output are lost. If you are an individual taxpayer, we will personally assist you with all your accounting needs and provide financial advice that will help you maximise your profits legally. If you are a small company, we offer a myriad of services, like computing the cost for hiring, training, and other manpower-related concerns, and work out a plan that will be beneficial to you and the people who work for or with you.

More importantly, we understand the sensitive nature of your business, and we guarantee 100% confidentiality in all our dealings, whether through phone, e-mail, or in person.

We would love to partner with you. Contact us today.

Sex Worker Friendly Accountant in Melbourne

We at Scott Partners praise individuals who desire to participate in building the economy by regularly paying taxes and ensuring that they have everything needed to operate legally. If you’re one such individual, then count on us to be your personal accountant. With more than 40 years of experience, we know exactly what needs to be done to complete a tax return and get all tax matters organised. We can be your listening ear for any financial concerns.

Sex workers who operate legally are better assured of police protection and medicolegal benefits and services, but in exchange, the goods and services tax (GST) can slash your takehome pay significantly. This is where we come in. We at Scott Partners will work out a plan that will maximise all the legal benefits entitled to you, like help to get tax-deductible expenses from aesthetic improvements, makeup, costumes, and other things needed for your work, among other things. Need a good loan? We can help connect you with the right people. We also give advice on mortgage, refinancing, loan consolidation, and other financial matters you might need help with. Even more, we offer professional financial tips on how you can invest your earnings and maximise your profit. Anytime an Australian Tax Office (ATO) representative contacts or visits you, we are just a phone call away.

So if you are an escort worker, stripper, pornographic film actor, adult performer, brothel manager, nude artist, phone sex operator, or someone working any profession under the sex-industry umbrella, we at Scott Partners are honoured to help you.

We understand the sensitive nature of your work, so trust that we will always exercise discretion and professionalism in all our dealings with you, whether through phone, e-mail or in person. We are committed to handling all your accounting needs with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

Let us take care of the intricacies of your accounting needs. We would love to hear from you.

Brothel Accountant

We at Scott Partners know you have a business to run—one that’s a compartmentalized niche that might be subject to public scrutiny despite your faithful tax contributions. We are here to help.

Aside from basic accounting duties like filling in on the much-needed government paperwork, tax, and insurance requirements for you, we will also help you understand any of your decisions’ impact on your finances, both present and future. We provide advisory services that will be beneficial for you and the people under your employ.

We understand how the Australian Tax Office (ATO) audits require goods and services tax (GST) from sex workers, a lot of whom have been operating illegally, which could leave brothels with fewer clients. We introduce Xero—our powerful forecasting tool—to help you check your overall business performance, including cash flow mismanagement if there is any. If you’ve been using a more traditional style of accounting, Xero is a cloud-based accounting system that keeps track of everything better and spot cashflow drains or other issues real-time, which our experts will help you solve in the most efficient way possible. We will set up invoice systems to troubleshoot areas where your business is deficient and offer sound solutions. Our experts will sit with you so you can work out a sound solution that is legal and profitable.

Whenever you need us, we’ll be there and will continually work behind the scenes year-round to ensure that all your finances are well accounted for.

Like all our other transactions, you are guaranteed 100% confidentiality in any interaction you have with us—either through phone, e-mail, or in person. We are more than happy to make your business our business and be there every step of the way.

A good night’s rest is just a phone call away. Contact Scott Partners now.

Sex Toy Accountant

There are certain types of businesses that will always be viewed as strange or weird to some, even if they are legal to establish and operate. Because of this, there’s a good chance that certain service providers will not take them seriously. This, in turn, will make meeting all your business’s needs—especially accounting—quite difficult.

Enter Scott Partners. By choosing our company, you can be assured that all of your accounting needs will be taken cared for the same way we deal with other business’s accounting needs. We will be impartial and professional to you, and all our accounting services will be done with propriety and efficiency in mind.

While we can be counted on to do basic accounting tasks like filling in on your taxes, required government documents, and insurance requirements, you can also engage us for other essential business and accounting services, such as:

Business Plan Development
A business plan requires several different reports. By hiring our amazing services, you can be assured that all reports will be realistic and accurate. Realistic and accurate reports can help in the creation of a great business plan, which can help in your business’s success.

Deciding on Company Legal Structure
Deciding on the right legal structure to adapt means considering many different factors. Different types of companies include a corporation, sole proprietorship, limited company, and limited liability partnership. Every type has its own pros and cons, and by hiring our services, you will know what is best for your company.

There are many benefits to hiring a sex toy accountant, but this does not mean you need to have them working under you all day or on a retainer. Keep in mind that even weekly sessions lasting for just two hours can do wonders for the business you are running or looking to establish.