OnlyFans Accountant in Australia

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12 April 2019

Scott Partners has provided trusted accounting guidance to the sex worker Industry for over 15 years.  Recently, we have identified immense growth in the number of people engaging with the social media site, OnlyFans. 

OnlyFans is a content sharing platform, whereupon users can subscribe to a content creator’s page for a monthly fee, and give extra tips in return for additional content or interaction. Creators often share adult content, and the most popular profiles are usually celebrities or social media influencers that have built a following prior to joining the site.  

However, many were successfully using OnlyFans throughout the pandemic to either supplement their income or as their primary form of business. In mid-2020, OnlyFans was seeing over 200,000 new users per day. Now the site boasts around 50 million users and continues to grow. Many individuals in Australia have found it to be a very lucrative business venture. 


Experience Providing Accounting Services to the Adult Industry of Melbourne 

For many years, Scott Partners has operated as an adult industry and sex-worker friendly accountant. Many different professions fall under the adult industry umbrella, and we respect all individuals’ right to pursue success in the field of their choosing. We prioritise professionalism, ensuring that our clients always feel comfortable that their privacy is protected. For more information regarding our experience partnering with those in the adult industry, see our Sex Work Accountant webpage


Scott Partners Accountants Can Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Finances and Taxes 

As someone operating an OnlyFans page, you are technically a business owner and should have an Australian Business Number (ABN). Any income you earn is considered business income for income tax purposes, which will be required to be included in your income tax return.

Changing rules and legislation can make doing your taxes confusing and stressful, especially if you have just begun working in a new field such as OnlyFans. Scott Partners can help you every step of the way in setting up your business, whether you’ve just started using OnlyFans, or have been using it for a while. We can help you navigate the process of registering for an ABN and prepare all relevant tax documentation. Also, our team will aid you in optimising your tax deductions, overall minimising your tax payment. Speaking to experts, like our team at Scott Partners, may save you a lot of hassle down the track 


Investing Your Profits From OnlyFans  

With the supplementary income that an OnlyFans page can provide, it might be time to consider investing. Our accomplished team can help you create a tailored investment portfolio, to help set you up for the future and make the most of your savings. Whether you are interested in investing in a property, or diving into the share market, we can connect you to our extensive network of financial planners, mortgage brokers and trusted lawyers. 


To learn more about our accounting services for those in the adult industry, please do not hesitate to contact our team, on 03 8686 9000.