5 Budgeting Apps Worth Checking Out Right Now

Categories: Budgeting
14 November 2018

A world where you call your accountant for every financial decision you make is unfortunately, not the most tangible. At Scott Partners we are always happy to help however, we also like to empower you to know be in control and be financially savvy yourself.  

To help you do that, we’ve outlined five budgeting apps that we think are worth checking out.


Tracking your expenses can be so much harder when you have multiple accounts. MoneyBrilliant is an app that makes it easy to keep track of your financials, even when they are organised in different sources. With information from all your accounts presented in a single, clear report, your job of tracking your finances is made so much easier. The standard version which lets you add a number of bank accounts is free, while upgrade options let you add your super, credit cards, investments and loans. It even has a tax tool that will help you to classify transactions that are tax deductible come tax time!

Cost: $0 – $9.90

Operating Systems: iOS, Android


You owe James and Ryan $235 each, but Ryan also owes you $82 and owes Rebecca $125, who owes you $73. Who do you need to pay, and how much?

If this situation is at all familiar to you or if you’ve experienced the ever-common headaches involved with sharing bills you may want to check out Splitwise.

Splitwise is an app that makes short work of calculating split bills and also helps you keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. When each person enters what they have paid for, the app automatically calculates who owes what amount to who. While it does require that all patrons have the app, it certainly makes for simpler life a frequent diner or member of a sharehouse!

Cost: Free

Operating Systems: iOS, Android

Raiz (formerly Acorns AU)

Every little bit counts, including spare change. While many of used to collect spare change in a jar or piggy bank and see it quickly accumulate, we are less and less common to carry loose change meaning we are missing this opportunity to save! Consider Raiz as your digital piggy bank – the delux version! Whenever you make a purchase, Raiz will round the transaction up to the nearest dollar. This is the best part, it will then invest the change into a diversified portfolio (EFT)! You can choose if you want to invest in a conservative or aggressive portfolio and the app doesn’t charge you when you are ready to take your money out. At Scott Partners, we are here to help manage any larger scale investments you’d like to make, but for your loose change, why not check out Raiz?

Cost: Free to download but $1.25/month for accounts holding less than $5,000.

Operating Systems: iOS, Android


Keeping track of monthly expenses is tricky. It can be difficult to keep up with what’s going in and what’s going out. Thankfully though, Pocketbook can make this that little bit easier. It is an Australian app that’s available on Android and IOS and is free to use.

This app syncs directly with your bank, detailing your expenses and automatically categorising them in the app. It lets you see where you are spending your money and also allows you to set allowances for each category and to receive notifications if you are nearing your spending limit!

Cost: Free

Operating Systems: iOS, Android

Your Own Savings Account

In recent years, most banks have put time and resources towards making their own customer portals a place where you can review, manage and budget. You may currently use the app to do your basic account management but it’s certainly worth checking out what other bells and whistles may be available to you!