Do you need HR Help?

26 March 2020

We are here to help!

Many businesses are confused by many aspects of the Fair Work Act as it is large and confusing. Scott Partners has a relationship with Happy HR and they can assist you by providing you a FREE *15 minutes support call by one of their HR degree qualified HR consultants to answer any questions you may have at this time of uncertainty.

Most employers are not HR professionals, so this can lead to them unknowingly creating HR risk without them even knowing it.

You can also listen to The COVID-19 Small Business Support Podcast presented by Happy HR.

Episode topics include:

  • How To Avoid Fair Work Claims When Making Redundancies
  • How To Get The More Productivity With Less Employees
  • How To Negotiate Less Hours And Pay With Your Employees
  • What Happens If I Need To Stand Down Employees
  • What If My Employees Get Corona Virus?
  • Redundancy, Stand Down Or Termination?


Please do not hesitate to contact us at Scott Partners on (03) 8686-9000 if you would like to arrange a call by Happy HR.