How Important is CRM Software for Small Businesses?

8 July 2016

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be one of the most useful applications any small business can hold at its disposal, allowing them to easily maintain updated, accurate records of the customer relationship building activities in their organisation. The movement into cloud-based CRMs like SalesForce has made this process even easier and affordable for small businesses to implement.

Data Collection and Management

Being able to measure data and performance is one of the most critical requirements for any small business. Traditional practices of storing customer data across multiple platforms (both online and offline) are highly inefficient and can lead to lost information. Implementing a new CRM application can help small businesses effectively measure their performance and consolidate data for more efficient use, saving time and resources.

CRMs can help small businesses through better management of customers and lead acquisition. Being able to track every stage of the customer acquisition process and ongoing customer relationship can be extremely important in order to find out what works and what doesn’t, in a simple and effective way.

In terms of lead generation and customer acquisition, CRM applications allow short-gaps or bottlenecks in the process to be detected and resolved before further damage can be done.

Measurement Leads To Improvement

By being able to review all aspects of the process in one single CRM application, an organisation can see improvements in efficiency and quantify the actions of employees or the implementation of workflow in an organisation.

A small business could use a CRM to track and compare the success rates of a Facebook or Google AdWords marketing campaign in customer acquisition efforts, and direct resources towards the more successful of the two. This allows businesses to prioritise workflows and follow more efficient business practices.

Remote Workers

Small businesses with remote workers can also benefit from the use of a CRM. Having staff around the world working across multiple time zones can be difficult to manage, especially with highly independent workers used to their own respective systems. Using such a CRM application allows for consistency and reduces the potential for information distortion across language and cultural barriers. Businesses can also expect to see improvements in team work and collaboration as a result of the use of such applications.

While setting up and implementing a CRM can be initially challenging (but you can outsource this!), it is clear that large and small businesses alike can benefit from the many advantages to be enjoyed.

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