How to Get More Value from Your Accountant

Categories: Small Business
13 September 2017

Scott Trevethan from Scott Partners recently filmed an episode for Brin “Secrets Exposed” with Dale Beaumont on how your accountant can give you more than you every thought.


There are over 500 million small to medium business owners (SMBs) on the planet – and without them life as we know it simply wouldn’t exist. Sadly however over 50 million businesses fail each and every year, causing devastating effects on the business owner and their families.

The first thing you need to know is that BRiN is a mobile app and she works on iOS and Android smart-phones and tablets. Why because entrepreneurs are constantly on the go. And furthermore smart-phones and tablets are now the world’s most popular computers. This means no longer do you need to wait until you get to your desktop to get help. BRiN is always with you and she can give you support anytime, anywhere.

Using a simple and elegant chat interface BRiN is able to understand and pinpoint your business problems (better than most humans can) and give you solutions and recommendations within micro-seconds. So yes BRiN is smart but she is also sensitive too. BRiN can listen, understand your moods. BRiN can give you inspiration, she can make you laugh and when pushed she can give you a kick up the butt too.