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At Scott Partners, we’re for Small Business.  We love Small Business.  We are Small Business.

Are you frustrated that your accountant doesn’t seem to have the time for you anymore? Would you cherish some well timed advice on how to improve profits / cash flow/ relationships with staff, customers or your bank?  If so, welcome!

We love helping small business.  We have built our systems around interacting with our small business clients. Sure we have non small business clients as clients and we love them too.  But we know that you need timely advice and support now.  So we make sure that servicing our other clients, doesn’t take away our focus for you. Running a small business is stressful enough without having to have stress added by your accountant not giving you the help you need when you need it.

We interact with our clients using the accounting software base of Xero.  Whether you love your MYOB or some other system or not, we need to put our small business clients on an interactive and innovative platform so that we can see how you are performing and how we can help. If you don’t agree to move to Xero, then we can’t support you, which means we are just like your old accountant.  Who wants that?

We also use Agreed Fee, pay by the month technology that allows you to understand exactly what you get and when you are going to get it.  And it’s great for your cash flow not having to pay your accounting fees in one big lump.  See,  we are for you!

Oh, and we hate paper.  Or should we say we hate red tape, paper than can be lost and destroying trees to boot!  So when we do need you to sign something, we get you to do it electronically, so that you have a copy stored where you want it and can access easily.  Time to move on from the old filing cabinet!

Our process of introducing ourselves to new clients is to get them to very quickly tell us a bit about themselves.  We then schedule in a 30 minute, free, no obligation call with our principal, Scott Trevethan.  From there we can decide together whether there is a good fit and you can decide on the value of having us in your corner.

Give us a call at 03 8686 9000 or send an email to [email protected] if you have any enquiries about our services, or if you want to get in touch with small business accountants who truly understand your needs. We’re for you!

Our simple 3 steps process of introduction

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Schedule in a 30 minute, free, no obligation call with one of our team members

We can decide together whether there is a good fit and you can decide on the value of having us in your corner

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