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Staff Spotlight: Simon DiStefano

This month we are shining our spotlight on Simon DiStefano – Hi Simon!

We’re excited to let you get to know more about our staff and how they can help you with your tax, accounting and financial needs. If you need property tax consultation or structuring advice, Simon is who you need to talk to!



Simon DiStefano


Senior Manager


Chartered Accountant



What is your area of expertise?

My favourite and most knowledgeable areas are Property Consultation in Melbourne and Structuring. Property is very common currently, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to seek tax guidance when purchasing or dealing with any type of property transaction. I identify the different taxes payable on the property, whether it’s Victorian property tax or income taxes, and then plan effectively and efficiently for the best way to handle those taxes.

Another of my strengths, which I use often at Scott Partners, is identifying and structuring clients in the most appropriate type of entity. With this, I look at the client’s specific situation and stage in life, and then we figure out the best entity type.

What motivates you?

When I see a satisfied client, I’m motivated to do even more. I want clients to see the value I provide and be able to not only see it, but do something with it – maybe something they wouldn’t have done otherwise. The greatest satisfaction I know is tax planning and providing clients with added value.

What do you like about working at Scott Partners?

I love the vibe and energy of Scott Partners. The staff and the culture make it a great place to work. We work hard to provide clients with the tax planning and financial resources they need, but Scott Partners also provides us with a very balanced and flexible working environment. Part of that is taking the time to celebrate – whether we’re celebrating a milestone, achievement, or a birthday. Scott Partners cares for each and every one of its employees, and that makes this one of the best places I’ve worked.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m active. I like to stay fit by going to the gym and taking walks. Fitness gives me a positive, healthy energy. I can then use that energy to attack my work and my personal life. I love playing and watching sports, especially AFL and tennis, and I follow the might Essendon Football Club.

What is your proudest client moment?

A client came to me for advice on a main residence property sub-division. With my research and through effective tax planning based on that research, I was able to save the client over $200,000 in GST and income taxes. When the client noted the value I had provided, I was definitely proud of the work I’d done. I think that’s one of the greatest moments of satisfaction I’ve felt so far.

Get in touch with Simon at [email protected]


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