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Leading the Millennials


Millennials (also known as generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X.

What do millennials expect from their managers/leaders?


Research on the internet reveals the following:



Managers/leaders have to embrace all the feels.


Millennials want their personal and emotional feelings to be considered along with their work performance. Managers/leaders should listen carefully while keeping the job requirements in focus.


After listening to millennials, encourage them to make any necessary changes while ensuring any necessary coaching is provided.


Hear them out and coach them.


Keep it casual and get to know them on a personal level.


Millennials want to know they belong. Some of them may have been “molly coddled” whilst growing up and expect their opinons to be continually taken into account. This leads to the conclusion that millenials not only need to be led but they expect to be led.


Leadership is fundamentally about creating the environment in which people willingly work together to achieve common goals. Explanations are a useful first step but the second and most important aspect of leadership training and development is to take a genuine holistic approach to what is needed.


If you have any millennials working in your team there will be benefits for you and the millennials and other members of your team if appropriate leadership strategies can be developed.

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