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Do You Have an Employee or Contractor? A Checklist for Businesses

As a business grows, one of the most important roles of a manager or owner of a small business or medium sized enterprise is finding the right person to help with that growth. Australia is lucky to have a world class education system, a well balanced workforce, and an incredibly diverse range of professional and… Read more

Simplifying the Australian Tax System for Businesses

No small or medium sized enterprise owner needs to be told that Australia’s tax system is complex. In fact, some people would probably go a little further and describe it as something more akin to Frankenstein’s monster, with two thousand page tax acts, dozens of regulations and hundreds of interpretive documents. But in an attempt… Read more

Explaining the Budget Tax Break for Business – What You Need to Know

Federal budgets are often more interesting for political watchers and journalists than small business owners and medium sized enterprise managers. But the 2015 Federal Budget handed down by Treasurer Joe Hockey recently was a different story. Reported by the media the next day as “the small business budget” there was a package of measures that… Read more

Financing Your Small or Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)

There are a few essential ingredients to founding, running, and growing a successful small or medium sized enterprise in Australia, or anywhere for that matter. Motivated staff, a great product or service, and a willingness to put in the hours required all go without saying. But without the appropriate finance, those things can become impossible…. Read more

You Are Invited

You are invited to an exclusive evening of wine tasting followed by a property investment seminar hosted by Scott Partners & Investment Property Help (IPH) We’ve partnered with IPH to help our valued clients find out whether property investment is right for them! Sample an array of Spain’s finest wines courtesy of the Spanish Acquisition… Read more

Business Structures: Pros and Cons

Business Structures - Pros and Cons - Scott Partners Accountants

  Hi, I’m Scott Trevethan from Scott Partners here in Melbourne. Today, I want to talk to you about something that every small and medium sized enterprise faces: choosing the right structure for their business. What we’re going to do today is go through the most common business structures in Australia, and some of the… Read more

Why It’s Important for Managers and Business Owners To Invest in Themselves

If you are a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) owner or manager, you are probably used to making all sorts of investment decisions. These might be in your premises, stock, phone system, or even training for your employees. But SME owners and operators sometimes forget that the most important investment they can make in… Read more

Things You Need To Do Before Tax Time

Things You Need To Do Before Tax Time

Things you need to consider BEFORE 30th June No matter whether you are in business, employed or an investor, there are some opportunities and housekeeping that you should attend to prior to that date of 30th June! 1. People who get paid a salary When your employer takes out tax from your pay and makes… Read more

4 Benefits of Online Accounting for Your Business

4 Benefits of Online Accounting for Your Business

The nature of small and medium sized enterprise in Australia means that owners and managers are always seeking an advantage. That advantage may be a way to save time, become more efficient, or simply make doing business easier. In 2015, there is a growing number of business owners who believe they have found a way… Read more

How Debt Could Affect Your Personal or Business Credit Rating


Small and medium sized enterprises are the engines that keep the Australian economy moving in the right direction. But doing that means that thousands of business owners, managers and employees work long hours, go the extra mile for their clients and customers, and don’t stop until the job is done. Of course, the side effect… Read more

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