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Victoria’s New Long Service Leave Act 2018 is Here

Bringing with it new responsibilities for employers and more flexibility for employees, Victoria’s updated Long Service Leave Act 2018 is here. The most important aspect of this Act that you need to be aware of are the changes to how Long Service Leave (LSL) operates and is calculated. We want to help you understand the… Read more

5 Budgeting Apps Worth Checking Out Right Now

A world where you call your accountant for every financial decision you make is unfortunately, not the most tangible. At Scott Partners we are always happy to help however, we also like to empower you to know be in control and be financially savvy yourself.   To help you do that, we’ve outlined five budgeting… Read more

Scott Partners Welcomes Don Shaw


Position: Partner              Qualifications: Chartered Accountant; Bachelor of Business (Accounting) We are proud to welcome Donald Shaw to Scott Partners. Donald completed his tertiary studies at Monash University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting). After graduating in 2008, Donald began his professional career at GMK Partners, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant… Read more

Scott Partners Welcomes Gavin Milner

Position: Partner Qualifications:  Bachelor of Business (Accounting); Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance); Chartered Accountant; Master of Taxation Gavin Milner joined Scott Partners in 2018 and is looking forward to sharing his expertise, passion and capabilities with the rest of the team while also assisting his clients with all their taxation and advisory requirements. After graduating with… Read more

New Team. Same Business. Better Value.

Since our inception, the driving force behind Scott Partners has always been to use our knowledge to help our clients’ businesses run as smoothly as possible. We achieve this by establishing a rapport with each of our clients and determining your unique wants and needs. As Scott Partners has grown, we have developed a community… Read more

Legislation for Property Depreciation Tightens

Depreciation for Property Investors Over 2 million Australians own property for investment. We know it can be lucrative, but do you know about property depreciation? What is Depreciation? If you’re new to property investment, you may not know much about depreciation. Depreciation is the wear and tear over the life of the property. For tax… Read more

When was the last time you updated your will?


Eleven years after his passing, the estate of legendary singer James Brown is still not settled. Like Brown, the late Aretha Franklin also didn’t have a will outlining what is to happen with her assets – including her $108 million estate – now expected to take decades to settle. To plan for ones passing is… Read more

Money Saving Ideas for Your Small Business


You Could Save Your Business Money by Avoiding These Mistakes You’re in business to make money, not loose money. We’ll leave the first part to you, but to stop loosing money, give these tips a read! There are several ways businesses waste money and we’ve many Australians to reduce the impact on their businesses. From… Read more

Success Story: A Scott Partners lending review is helping this family to own their home faster.

When you buy a home, you look around for the best option, and choose the best terms possible. They fit in your budget and they’ll work for you until you make the last payment. The same goes for vehicular and personal loans. Often, it only takes a few years for the terms of the loan… Read more

Did you know, business owners and individuals are making the same crucial mistake.

They are failing to set a budget.   Did you know: Victorian residents’ weekly household spend is, on average $1,430 per week, which works out to be over $74,360 per year. The average household income in Victoria is just under $73,800 per year. This means the average Victoria resident spends several hundred dollars more than… Read more

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