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Did you know: Setting up an SMSF doesn’t have to be hard!

setting up an SMSF

How many times have you thought about setting up an SMSF but decided against it because it all seems too hard? Believe us, we’ve heard that before. That’s why we thought we’d shed some light on the subject! Did you know you can invest in all types of established property (including residential, commercial, and industrial… Read more

Industry Update: Start this financial year the Right Way.

be prepared this financial year

Don’t let the EOFY blues hit home. Look out for the mistakes below to start this financial year with a plan in place and end it on a high! The financial year has come to a close. We can all finally take a moment to sit back, and relax, right? Not exactly. This is the… Read more

Industry Update: Xero

Accountants and Xero are *in a relationship* and they don’t care who knows it. When a relationship is this good, sometimes the only thing you can do is share the love. As chartered accountants, passionate about all areas of financial services, we’re all about the numbers. And Xero? Well, Xero makes those numbers so darn… Read more

Success Story: Tax Planning

Through talking to us, this client has had the potential to save up to $280,000 in their tax planning. Issue: Client had existing property and plans to demolish and sub-divide. Why they sought out Scott Partners: This client wanted to know the tax consequences of their property project. Providing Advice: Scott Partners provided advice on… Read more

How to Get More Value from Your Accountant

Scott Trevethan from Scott Partners recently filmed an episode for Brin “Secrets Exposed” with Dale Beaumont on how your accountant can give you more than you every thought.     There are over 500 million small to medium business owners (SMBs) on the planet – and without them life as we know it simply wouldn’t… Read more

6 Human needs that lead to Business Success

I ​have recently been doing a ​Tony Robbins audio program called “Ultimate Relationship” and learned of the 6 basic human needs that all people have. Now, whether you subscribe to Mr. Robbin’s philosophies or not, there is more than a ring of truth in these six; particularly, when it comes to looking at customer behaviour… Read more

The 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards Winners Announced!

APAC Insider Magazine has announced winners of the 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards.   The 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards are designed to recognise and reward the outstanding accomplishments made by those within the industry. These leading lights have been changing the game in their respected industry, with their innovative thinking and inimitable ways they have managed… Read more

Property Investment

Property investment plays an important role in wealth creation. Typically our recommendations are: 1 Residential apartments or townhouses, commercial and retail properties in a strong, existing market 2 Have the potential for resale into the owner occupier market to maximise capital gain potential 3 Are outside of the CBD high density markets but within the… Read more

BRiN – Your 24/7 Business Advisor

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, senior leader, executive or startup? Then this may very well be the best and most useful business App you’ll ever own. As you should know, if you want to succeed in business, you’re going to need access to a highly experienced business advisor. However, 99% of the world’s entrepreneurs… Read more

Thank you

Thank you to all those supporters by buying hand-creams or donating to the Hands Across the Water Charity. Scott has now completed the 500km Bike Ride and as you can see thanks to the generosity Business Blueprint the group we ride with have donated over 1 million dollars.

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