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Success Story: A Scott Partners lending review is helping this family to own their home faster.

When you buy a home, you look around for the best option, and choose the best terms possible. They fit in your budget and they’ll work for you until you make the last payment. The same goes for vehicular and personal loans. Often, it only takes a few years for the terms of the loan… Read more

Did you know, business owners and individuals are making the same crucial mistake.

They are failing to set a budget.   Did you know: Victorian residents’ weekly household spend is, on average $1,430 per week, which works out to be over $74,360 per year. The average household income in Victoria is just under $73,800 per year. This means the average Victoria resident spends several hundred dollars more than… Read more

Staff Spotlight: Simon DiStefano

This month we are shining our spotlight on Simon DiStefano – Hi Simon! We’re excited to let you get to know more about our staff and how they can help you with your tax, accounting and financial needs. If you need property tax consultation or structuring advice, Simon is who you need to talk to!… Read more

Industry Update: Board of Taxation has requested feedback from small businesses

The Board of Taxation has completed a review of small business tax concessions that was announced earlier this year. The goal of the review was to examine the existing concessions for business owners and recommend any improvements or new approaches to reduce the burden for businesses. The Board of Taxation held public consultation sessions in… Read more

Industry Update: Government grants give Australian SMEs the chance to save 50% on business service costs

Did you know that the Australian, State, and Territory governments make over $3 billion in grants available to small businesses every year? Many small business owners don’t know this, but Scott Partners, your small business preferred accountant in Melbourne has the tools you need to search for grants, and apply for them, to give your… Read more

It is easy being green – Scott Partners commit to sustainable practices.

It is easy being green – Scott Partners commit to sustainable practices.

Did you know Scott Partners is working toward becoming a paperless office? When we moved offices, we moved several Trust folders, but other than that, NO client files or information is stored on paper. We scan all documents into PDFs, and we store them using Google as our Document Management system. Our procedures are all… Read more

Why we’re a proud member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

chartered accountants anz

Scott Partners is committed to being at the top of our profession and to providing the best quality services to our clients. That means that we continually develop our knowledge and skills so we can be the trusted accountant you deserve. For that reason, Scott Partners is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New… Read more

Did You Know, Reviewing Your Lending Could Save You Thousands?

When you purchased your home, you applied for a loan amount you could afford, probably thinking you’d be paying the same monthly amount for the entirety of the mortgage. For many people your home is your special personal space, and more often than not, you think of it as a it as a personal belonging,… Read more

Success Story: Here’s How Audit Insurance Can Save You From Unexpected Tax Fees

Even if you are diligent when lodging your tax return, you may find yourself at the mercy of the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The ATO contacts around 350,000 Australians each year in regards to tax returns. The question then becomes – what can you do to protect yourself from unexpected fees? Issue: A taxpayer lodged… Read more

Everything You Need to Know about the Government’s Streamlined Business Registration Service

Many businesses are aware of the Business Registration Service. The government successfully tested the new service publicly last year, and launched the official service early in July. With this service, you can not only register your business and obtain an Australian business licence online, but take care of your Australian business registration for multiple businesses… Read more

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